Miller AirCore™ Oil and Gas Harness, Full Body Tongue Buckles Back D-Ring, Black/Green 2XL/3XL

  • Breathable, Open-Core Padding Technology – Maximizes airflow, and reduces heat and moisture build-up; up to 16% less surface area than other padding used on the market
  • Lightweight – 16% lighter in weight than competitive harnesses with aluminum hardware and 20% lighter than harnesses with steel hardware
  • One-hand adjustment shoulder cam buckles; Stand-up back D-ring; Quick-connect chest buckle; Pull-free lanyard rings
  • Rated to 400 lbs. capacity

Technical Specs:

Brand     Miller®    
Type     Full Body Harness    
Style     Construction    
Color     Black/Green    
Size     2X-Large/ 3X-Large    
Capacity     400 lbs    
Shoulder Strap Buckle     Cam    
Leg Strap Buckle     Tongue    
Chest Strap Buckle     Tongue    
Back D-Ring     Yes    
Front D-Ring     No    
Side D-Ring     Yes    


Miller AirCore™ Oil and Gas Harness, Full BodyMiller AirCore™ Oil and Gas Harness, Full Body spec sheet

Manufacturer Description:

The new Miller AirCore™ Oil and Gas Harness is designed for workers on drilling or service rigs including everyday application in the oil fields. Finally, you can have one harness for every job! It’s built strong for day-to-day wear and tear and to last in a variety of harsh environments. This new line of AirCore harnesses keeps your workers safe whether they’re positioning pipe, or doing routine rig set up, required maintenance or tear down.

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