Technical Specs:

Type     Retractable Pen    
Material     Polypropylene    
Tip Style     Bullet    
Resistant Properties     Shatter-Proof    
Metal Detectable     Yes     

Manufacturer Description:

All Detectapro pen bodies are produced from a specially formulated polypropylene mix, containing a non toxic detectable additive. Pens are detectable and rejectable by metal detection systems. Bodies are shatter proof, and will not splinter into small segments. Pens are available in different body colors making it ideal for isolation to specific production areas helping eliminate allergen transfer. The RPEN have pressurized ink cartridges and are suitable for cold environment/freezer applications.

Hant # Ink Color Body Color MFG # UPC
13671 Black Blue RPEN-BLUE/BLACK
17788 Black Red RPEN-RED/BLACK INK
27542 Blue Blue RPEN-BLUE/BLUE