Technical Specs:

Brand     North®    
Body Part Applications     Any Body Parts    
Length     3 in    
Width     7/8 in    
Color     Tan    
Material     Fabric    
Adhesiveness     Adhesive    
Water Resistant (Yes/No)     No    
Overall Dimensions     3 (L) x 7/8 (W) in    
Package Quantity     1000 per Case    


NORTH®, Adhesive Bandage, Tan, 7/8 W x 3NORTH®, Adhesive Bandage, Tan, 7/8 W x 3 spec sheet

Manufacturer Description:

Swift plastic and woven adhesive bandages are designed with a strong adhesive to adhere securely and protect the wound. The ‘island dressing’ provides a secure seal around the wound to help prevent contamination.

Hant # MFG # UPC
140033 011148