Technical Specs:

Honey Grip®    
Type     String Knit Gloves    
Material     Cotton / Polyester    
Color     Orange    
Special Features     Reversible Pattern    
Application     Material Handling, Roofing, Bottling, Farm And Gardening Industries    
Size     X-Large    
Package Quantity     12 Dozen per Case    
Coating Material     PVC    
Lining Material     Unlined    
Gender     Unisex    


String Knit Gloves, Cotton, Natural, Uncoated, LargeHoney Grip®, String Knit Gloves, Cotton / Polyester, spec sheet

Manufacturer Description:

Our Honey Grip® string knit line is coated with uncured PVC in a honeycomb pattern to provide you with a strong grip. Grab hold to work with these and you want let go.

Hant # MFG # UPC
17352 9675XLM