Honeywell North Zone N10 Quick Fit Hard Hat

    The Honeywell North Zone N10 Quick Fit Hard Hat is designed with a quick-fit pinlock 4-point suspension adjustable for size, height, and snugness for a customized fit. Available in 17 colors.
  • Features accessory slots for cap-mounted earmuffs, face shields, and other safety accessories
  • The moisture-wicking sweatband can be removed, washed, and/or replaced
  • Adjust the headband with the ratchet, even when wearing gloves
  • Hard hatís short brim and low profile design increases visibility
  • Approved for wear in reverse position
  • ANSI Z89.1-2014 and CSA Z94.1-15 certified

Technical Specs:

Brand     North Zone    
Type     Front Brim Hard Hat    
Suspension Type     4-Points    
Adjustment Type     Pin Lock    
Size     Adjustable    
Protection Type     Abrasion/Extreme Environment/Impact     
Material     High Density Polyethylene    
Vented     Yes    
Class Rating     Class E    
Slotted     Yes    
Printable     Yes    
ANSI Class     Class 1     

Manufacturer Description:

Whether you work in construction, manufacturing, mining, oil and gas, or utilities, the Honeywell North Zone N10 Quick Fit Hard Hat is an ideal addition to your personal protective equipment (PPE). The hard hatís 4-point quick-fit pinlock suspension design allows you to adjust the hard hat to your comfort level. The suspension is removable and can be adjusted for size, snugness, and height. The hard hat includes a washable moisture-wicking sweatband. You can also imprint the hard hat with your logo. Available from Hantover, the hard hatís short brim and low profile allow for greater visibility.

Hant # Color MFG # UPC
19032 Yellow N10020000
19038 Gray N10090000
19039 Tan N10100000