NORTH®, Poison Plant Barrier Towelette, 8 x 6 in, Dispenser Box

    Ivy Screen® towelettes contain a specially formulated skin protectant and topical analgesic that is non-greasy and fragrance free. Fast drying, non-staining formula. Protects against poison ivy, oak & sumac. 50 towelettes/box.

Technical Specs:

Brand     North®    
Type     Itch Relief    
Physical Form     Towelette    
Container Type     Dispenser Box    
Recommended Uses     Outdoor Use    
Special Features     Protect against Sun, Poison Ivy, Insects    
Package Quantity     50 per Box    


NORTH®, Poison Plant Barrier Towelette, 8 x 6NORTH®, Poison Plant Barrier Towelette, 8 x 6 spec sheet

Manufacturer Description:

IvyX™* Pre-Contact Towelettes. 50 per dispenser. 8" x 6" towelette for full and even coverage. Apply before contact to poison plants. Dries quickly on the skin. Almost unnoticeable on skin. Washes off with soap and water, not greasy or sticky. Packaged in an easy to carry, leak-proof foil pouch.

Hant # MFG # UPC
200121 122010X