SAFE?T?ZONE®, Combination Drench Shower and Eyewash Station, Floor Mount, Yellow

  • Galvanized steel combination emergency shower & eyewash
  • Pull rod activated stay open shower
  • Paddle handle activated SE-582 eyewash
  • Meets ANSI Z358.1

Technical Specs:

Type     Combination Drench Shower and Eyewash Station    
Color     Yellow    
Compliance / Standards     ANSI Z358.1    
Special Features     Triangular Handle    
Includes     Universal Emergency Sign    
Handle Material     Aluminum    
Mounting Type     Floor Mount    
Dust Cover (Yes/No)     No    
Maximum Water Flow     20 GPM (Shower Head)
3 GPM (Eyewash)    
Pipe Material     Galvanized Steel    
Valve Type     Stay Open Ball Valve    
Eyewash Bowl (Yes/No)     Yes    
Eyewash Bowl Material     Stainless Steel    
Shower Head Material     Plastic    
Eyewash Activation Method     Push Handle    
Shower Activation Method     Triangular Pull Rod    
Shower Head Diameter     8 in    
Fitting/Port Size     1-1/4 in NPT    


SAS 5136 Preservative for Eyewash StationSAFE?T?ZONE®, Combination Drench Shower and Eyewash Station, Floor spec sheet

Manufacturer Description:

Speakman traditional series combination emergency stations provide the highest level of performance in times of need. All traditional series combination stations feature an impeller action deluge Shower head and a 1-1/4" galvanized steel stanchion. The SE-693 model features a stay open ball valve, allowing hands free operation once the shower has been activated and an SE-582 eyewash. The high visibility yellow pull rod, makes finding the SE-693 easy in an emergency. The SE-693 meets ANSI Z385.1 compliance.

Hant # MFG # UPC
21708 SE693