Best Sanitizers SA10040 Alpet E3 VersaClenz Hand Sanitizer Foam 6/CS

    The Best Sanitizers SA10040 Alpet E3 VersaClenz Hand Sanitizer is formulated specifically for use in the food processing, food service, and grocery industries. It keeps hands soft and healthy while meeting the tough requirements of the foodservice industry.
  • The 1250 mL sanitizer cartridge fits Best Sanitizers VersaClenz touchless and manual dispensers
  • Sanitizer kills 99.999% of tested pathogens in 15 seconds
  • NSF approved (E3 classification)
  • Size: 1250 mL cartridge

Technical Specs:

Alpet® E3    
Type     Hand Sanitizer Foam    
Application     Food Processing, Food Service / Grocery, Industrial Hygiene    
Color     Clear    
For Use With     AD10048, AD10048B, MD10030, MD10030B Dispensers    
Package Quantity     6 Cartridges per Case    
Product Form     Liquid    
Formula     62% Ethanol / Tertiary Butyl Alcohol    
Fragrance     Strong Alcohol    
Compliance / Standards     NSF Registered E3 Classification
Alcohol Content     Contains Alcohol    
Size     1250 mL    
Waterless (Yes/No)     No    
Container Type     Cartridge    
Certifications     NSF Registered E3 Classification    


Best Sanitizers VersaClenz AD10048B Touchless Dispenser, BlackBest Sanitizers SA10040 Alpet E3 VersaClenz Hand Sanitizer spec sheet

Manufacturer Description:

Alpet E3 Hand Sanitizer Foam hand sanitizer is engineered specifically to meet the tough requirements of the food industry while keeping hands soft and healthy.

Hant # MFG # UPC
23566 SA10040