Tingley H12107 Magnaprene™ Yellow Detachable Hood
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Tingley H12107 Magnaprene™ Yellow Detachable Hood

  • The yellow, detachable hood is made from nylon and coated with neoprene
  • Neoprene coating resists oils, acids, chemicals, solvent, and abrasions.
  • Nylon fabric provides excellent strength and durability
  • Flame resistant and self-extinguishing with flame out and afterglow less than 2 seconds after removal of ignition source
  • Test method ASTM D6413
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This item has been discontinued and is no-longer available for sale. Please contact your customer service rep and they can assist you with selecting a suitable replacement item.

Technical Specs:

Type     Detachable Hood    
Material     Neoprene on Nylon    
Color     Yellow    
Compliance / Standards     ASTM D6413    
Special Features     Corduroy Tip Collar    
Size     Large    
Flame Resistant     Yes    
Latex-Free (Yes/No)     No    


Tingley H12107 Magnaprene™ Yellow Detachable Hood spec sheet

Manufacturer Description:

Magnaprene™ - Yellow Detachable Hood.

Hant # MFG # UPC
26048 H12107.LG.01