SHOWA 451, General Purpose Gloves, Thermal

  • A comfortable, flexible glove that is resistant to abrasion and very pleasant to wear in cold weather
  • Protects the hand in damp environments or against aggressive detergents or alcohols
  • Breathable back of hand to reduce perspiration
  • Surface provides tactile feel and better grip
  • Greater hygiene
  • Designed for easy movement and continuous wear
  • No irritation by seams in contact with the skin
  • Low-soil colour

Technical Specs:

Brand: ATLAS®
Type: General Purpose Gloves
Material: Acrylic
Coating Material: Rubber Latex
Color: Gray
Cuff Type: Knit Wrist
Gender: Unisex
Leather Type:
Thumb Type:
Glove Pattern:
Lining Material: Cotton
Resistance Properties: Abrasion-Resistant|Tear-Resistant|Cut-Resistant|Puncture-Resistant


Ergodyne® Squids® Glove Grabber Dual ClipSHOWA 451, General Purpose Gloves, Thermal, Rubber Latex, spec sheet

Manufacturer Description:

This cold weather glove combines a mixture of acrylic loop-in Terry cotton liner for warmth, light-weight feel and suppleness. The natural rubber coating on the palm and fingertips protects the hand from abrasion, cutting and puncturing and tearing. The rough textured grip allows slippery objects to be gripped firmly, This durable glove is ideal for all work in cold rooms or outside in cold weather conditions. Slip into something more comfortable. Try Showa Atlas Therma-Fit 451 for a warm sensation.

Hant # Size MFG # UPC
29821 Large 451L-09