Kevlar Sleeve Cut Resistant Yellow 18" MCR 9378E
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Kevlar Sleeve Cut Resistant Yellow 18" MCR 9378E No Thumb Hole

    These MCR® 9378E Kevlar® arm guards are made with DuPont™ Kevlar Fibers to provide maximum protection from cuts and scrapes where it is needed the most. The fingers slip through the end of the cut resistant sleeve, adding more dexterity and control for whatever job you need, such as construction, glass handling, assembly factories, carpentry, automotive repair, HVAC repairs, and anywhere else where reaching needs or sharp edges exist. The 7-gauge Kevlar sleeve is ANSI Cut A3 compliant, as well as ANSI Level 2 heat contact compliant. The design allows gloves to be worn without discomfort to maintain safer working environments.
  • Features Dupont Kevlar fibers for enhanced cut and scrape protection
  • Compliments glove protection without sacrificing comfort or safety
  • Ideal for glass handling, construction, HVAC repair, assembly plants, automotive work, and more
  • ANSI A3 cut complaint and ANSI Level 2 heat contact compliant

Technical Specs:

Type     Sleeve    
Material     Kevlar    
Color     Yellow    
Length     18 in    
Compliance / Standards     ASTM 1790-97
ISO 13997
FDA Approval    
Special Features     Launderable, CPPT Score 3, Dexterity    
Application     Advanced Manufacturing, Automotive Industry, Electrical Work, Light Heat Application, Glass Operations, Metal Stamping, Sheet Metal, Food Processing, Meat Packing    
Resistance Properties     Cut-Resistant    
Opening Style     Without Thumb Hole    
Number of Ply     2    
Certifications     FDA Approved    


Kevlar Sleeve Cut Resistant Yellow 18" MCR 9378EKevlar Sleeve Cut Resistant Yellow 18

Manufacturer Description:

Industry Application:Advanced manufacturing, automotive industry, electrical work, light heat Application, glass operations, metal stamping, sheet metal, food processing, meat packing.

Hant # MFG # UPC
31615 9378E