Boot Cover 4 Mil Blue Elast-A-Boot™ B6-1930 17" High Elastic Top

    Protect shoes with this Continental B6-1960 Elast-A-Boot™ boot cover. They're made from blue plastic that has a lightly embossed texture to keep water, grease, and other contaminants off footwear. The elastic top is stretchy but securely fits to prevent the cover from falling down. Suitable for men’s shoe sizes up to 12, this Continental B6-1960 Elast-A-Boot™ boot cover is easy to slip on or off and can be worn with work boots.
  • Blue plastic construction
  • Elastic top for secure fit
  • Lightly embossed texture
  • Fits men's shoe sizes up to 12

Technical Specs:

Type     Boot Cover    
Material     Polyethylene    
Color     Blue    
Thickness     4 mil    
Special Features     Smooth    
Size     Up to 12    
Package Quantity     50 per Pack
10 Packs per Case    
Closure Type     Elastic Top    
Height     17 in    


KNOT-A-BOOT®, Boot Cover, Polyethylene, Clear, Tie Closure, UpBoot Cover 4 Mil Blue Elast-A-Boot™ B6-1930 17

Manufacturer Description:

Over-the-shoe clear polyethylene plastic boots are easy to slip on or off. They can be worn with or without a handy tie feature. The boots should be worn once and discarded to prevent unwanted contamination from one facility to another. Alternative means of packaging and colors are available by special order, please inquire. Packaged 50 or 100 boots per box, 10 boxes per case.

Hant # MFG # UPC
31698 B6-1930