Technical Specs:

Type     Blank Tag    
Material     Coated Sulfite    
Color     White    
Height     4-3/4 in    
Width     2-3/8 in    
Package Quantity     1000 per Box
5 Boxes per Carton    
Luminous Properties     None    
Size     #5    
Point Size     13    


Blank Tag, Coated Sulfite, Yellow, 3-1/4 in, 1-5/8Blank Tag, Coated Sulfite, White, 4-3/4 in, 2-3/8 spec sheet

Manufacturer Description:

High quality tags perfect for many different marking uses. 10 pt. SU, 13 pt. SU and CSU grades available in a variety of standard sizes. Colored and fluorescent tags are available in 13 pt. CSU. Ideal for color coding and easy identification. Many tags are stocked with strings or wires attached. Blank tag color sand descriptions are listed on pages 4 - 7. All tags are packed in master shipping containers.

Hant # MFG # UPC
31755 11-315