Alpet E3 Plus 1 Gallon Secondary Container Best Sanitizers SA20000

    Supply food service employees with Best Sanitizers SA20000 Alpet E3 hand sanitizer. It kills 99.9 percent of 26 tested pathogens to help prevent foodborne illnesses, and it's approved by the FDA and USDA for compliance with food handling guidelines. The 1-gallon size bottle fits on most countertops for convenient access, and with the atomized sprayer, the formula penetrates skin folds and underneath fingernails to reach where germs take cover. Since the Alpet E3 formula is kosher, pareve, and halal certified, it suits specific dietary restrictions. Best Sanitizers SA20000 Alpet E3 hand sanitizer has moisturizers for less chafed skin.
  • Moisturizes
  • 1-gallon bottle
  • USDA and FDA compliant
  • Kosher, pareve, and halal certified
  • Atomized sprayer
  • Sprayer sold separately, Hantover item # 32607

Technical Specs:

Type     Empty Secondary One Gallon Bottle    
Application     Food Processing / Food Service, Grocery, Office Wellness, Industrial Hygiene    
For Use With     MD10012, MD10006, MD10105, Use with KT10011    
Package Quantity     1 Each    
Capacity     1 gal    
Certifications     N/A    


Clear Spray Bottle Empty Plastic 32 Ounce Tolco®Alpet E3 Plus 1 Gallon Secondary Container Best spec sheet

Manufacturer Description:

For your Alpet E3 Plus bulk refill needs, use the Best Sanitizers Secondary Container for Alpet E3 Plus. This empty container holds Alpet E3 Plus Hand Sanitizing Spray. The sanitizer is ideal for use in food industry environments. You can also use it for your offices or as part of an industrial hygiene program. The sanitizer for the secondary container kills 99.9999 percent of 26 pathogens in 15 seconds. The secondary container for the Alpet E3 Plus sanitizer is available from Hantover.

Hant # MFG # UPC
32606 SA20000