Technical Specs:

Type     Solid Braid Rope    
Material     Nylon    
Diameter     1/2 in    
Color     White    
Resistance Properties     Abrasion-Resistant
Compliance / Standards     MIL-C-43307    
Tensile Strength     4000 lbs    
Weight     29 lbs    

Manufacturer Description:

Nylon solid braid is a firm round braided cord manufactured in a parallel construction. Nylon is one of the strongest and most versatile fibers used in this type of braid. Nylon solid braid offers high strength, good elasticity, and good memory under heavy loads. It is resistant to abrasion, most chemicals, and does not mildew. It's smooth round construction makes it excellent for use with pulleys and it holds knots extremely well. It is widely used as flagpole halyard, guy line rope, winch rope, pulley rope, starter cord, sash cord, and is used as rope handles. Solid braid nylon is available in commercial grade and also can be manufactured to meet U.S. Federal specification Mil-C-43307. This braid can be supplied in bulk put-ups, spools, mini-spools, and custom cut lengths. Nylon solid braid can also be supplied with a wire center core.

Hant # MFG # UPC
34107 SBN12LOOP