Honeywell Silver ShieldŽ SSB Boot Liner

    Silver Shield SSB Boot Liner with a 5-layer PE and EVOH construction, provides chemical resistance for more than 280 different chemicals including alcohols, alphatics, aromatice, chlorines, ketones, and esters.
  • Lightweight, excellent for a liner under gloves, shoes, or garments
  • Protection for many demanding applications
  • 50 per case

Technical Specs:

Manufacturer Description:

Five (5) layer PE and EVOH constructions provides excellent chemical resistant to over 280 different chemicals including alchohols, aliphatics, aromatice, chlorines, ketones and esters. Provides high performance protection in the most demanding applications. Thin and lightweight, excellent use for a liner under gloves or garments and shoes.

Hant # MFG # UPC
37289 SSB