Miller® Falcon® Self-Retracting Lifeline, 16 ft, 400-lb capacity

Miller® Falcon® Self-Retracting Lifeline is made from stainless steel carabiner. Features swivel and stainless-steel snap hook.
  • 400-lb capacity
  • ANSI Z359 compliant
  • 16-ft long
  • Technical Specs:

    Brand     Miller® Falcon®    
    Type     Self Retracting Lifeline    
    Material     Nylon Webbing    
    Color     Red    
    Length     16 ft    
    Connection Type     Carabiner    
    Gate Opening Size     N/A    
    Load Capacity     400 lbs    
    Width/Diameter     N/A    
    Breaking Strength     N/A    
    Number of Legs     1    

    Manufacturer Description:

    Web Lifeline; ANSI Z359 Compliant 16-ft. [4.9m]; stainless steel carabiner with swivel and stainless steel snap hook; 400 lbs. capacity

    Hant # MFG # UPC
    37528 MP16P-Z7/16FT