Technical Specs:

Whiting + Davis    
Type     Metal Mesh Apron    
Material     Stainless Steel Mesh    
Length     34 in    
Width     26 in    
Compliance / Standards     ANSI    
Special Features     10 in. Split Leg, 2 x Criss/Cross Straps and Back Strap, Replacement Strap Set    
Application     Food Services    
Size     Small / Large    
Resistance Properties     Cut-Resistant
Number of Pockets     0    


Honeywell North® A2634 XL Stainless-Steel Mesh Apron, SplitNorth®, Metal Mesh Apron, Stainless Steel Mesh, 34 spec sheet

Manufacturer Description:

Garments Made Of Stainless Steel Mesh Are The Ultimate In Protection Of The Body Against Cut, And Slash. Each Garment Is Made Of A Fluid Fabric Of Individually Welded Rings For A Comfortable Fit To Move As Your Body Moves. Mesh Iscorrosion Free And Easily Cleaned, Making Them Resistant To Bacteria.

Hant # MFG # UPC
40560 A2634 S/L