Miller�, Full Body Harness, Construction, Polyester

  • Traditional non-stretch full-body harnesses in lightweight, durable, yellow polyester webbing
  • Rated to 400-lbs. (181. 4 kg) capacity

Technical Specs:

Type     Full Body Harness    
Color     Yellow    
Compliance / Standards     OSHA
Special Features     Lightweight, Durable and Comfort    
Application     Construction    
Includes     Pull-Up Adjustment, Pull-Free Lanyard Rings, Belt Loops    
Size     Universal    
Capacity     400 lbs    
Style     Construction    
Webbing Material     Polyester    
Webbing Type     Non-Stretch Webbing    
Back D-Ring (Yes/No)     Yes    
Front D-Ring (Yes/No)     No    
Side D-Ring (Yes/No)     No    
Shoulder Strap Buckle     Friction    
Leg Strap Buckle     Mating    
Chest Strap Buckle     Mating    


Miller�, Full Body Harness, Construction, Polyester spec sheet

Manufacturer Description:

Hant # MFG # UPC
43775 650/UYK