Technical Specs:

Type     Printer Label    
Color     Silver    
Special Features     Solvent-Resistance, Humidity-Resistance, UV Light-Resistance, Weatherability, Abrasion-Resistance, Chemical-Resistant    
Compliance/Standards     AGA Approved
UL Recognized UL file MH17154
CSA Acceptance Record LS 41833
RoHS compliant to 2005/618/EC MCV amendment to RoHS Directive 2002/95/EC    
Package Quantity     1000 per Roll    
Service Temperature Rating     -40 to +194 °F    
Finish/Coating     Gloss    
Printer Compatibility     BBP81
Brady 1244
Brady 1344
Brady 200MVP Plus
Brady 2461
Brady 300MVP Plus
Brady 300X-Plus II
Brady 3481
Brady 360X-Plus II
Brady 600X-Plus II
Brady 6441
Tagus T200
Tagus T300
Thermal Transfer Printers    
Material Type     Polyester    
Tape Width     2 in    
Tape Length     3 in    
Ribbon Series     R6002 Series
R4900 Series
R6000 Series
R6000 Halogen Free Series
R4400 Series    
Tape Thickness     0.0027 in    
Print Technology     Thermal Transfer    


Printer Label, Vinyl, Gloss, Black on White, 1Printer Label, Polyester, Gloss, Silver, 2 in, 3 spec sheet

Manufacturer Description:

Description For Thermal Transfer Printable Labels Printable, Metallized Polyester Labels For Thermal Transfer Printers. Please Note: This Material Is Ul, Csa & Aga Approved with Its Respective Ribbon. See The "Recommended Ribbon Series" For The Appropriate Ribbon to Use.

Hant # MFG # UPC
48914 THT-19-435-1