Hill Brush B770RESR Red Stiff Resin-Set Deck Scrub Brush 12”

  • 12'' floor scrub
  • Very firm
  • Solid polypropylene block
  • May be autoclaved at 273F/134C
  • Black, blue, green, red, tangerine, violet, white or yellow
  • Bagged and bar coded
  • Four per case

Technical Specs:

Resin-Set DRS®    
Type     Deck Scrub Brush    
Bristle Material     Polyester    
Block Material     Polypropylene    
Trim Length     1.6 in    
Length     11.8 in    
Bristle Color     Red    
Width     2.9 in    
Bristle Type     Stapled    
Certifications     FDA Approved    
HAACP Compliant    


Hill Brush B770RESWY Yellow Stiff Resin-Set Deck ScrubHill Brush B770RESR Red Stiff Resin-Set Deck Scrub spec sheet

Manufacturer Description:

Resin-Set DRS® brushware boasts a revolutionary improvement in brush filament retention, known as the ‘Dual Retention System (DRS)’. This unique approach uses both food-grade stainless steel staples and an anti-microbial resin to secure the tufts into the brush back. This not only prevents the accumulation of dirt and moisture in the tuft areas, but also the release of filaments into the food or beverage processing environment.

Hant # MFG # UPC
49324 B770RESR