Miller®, Shock Absorbing Lanyard, Polyester Webbing, 6 ft, Locking Snap Hook (Harness)|Auto-lock Carabiner (Anchor)

  • Special webbing for greater abrasion resistance
  • Shock absorber pack keeps fall forces at or below 900 lbs. /f (4 kN)

Technical Specs:

Type     Shock Absorbing Lanyard    
Material     Polyester Webbing    
Length     6 ft    
Compliance / Standards     OSHA
Breaking Strength     900 lbs    
Connection Type     Locking Snap Hook (Harness)
Auto-lock Carabiner (Anchor)    
Gate Opening Size     3/4 (Snap Hook) in    


Miller®, Positioning / Restraint Lanyard, Polyester Webbing, 6Miller®, Shock Absorbing Lanyard, Polyester Webbing, 6 ft, spec sheet

Manufacturer Description:

Titan Tie-Back Lanyards with pack-type shock absorbers are designed for tie-back use, eliminating the need for a separate anchorage connector.

Hant # MFG # UPC
49756 T6111TB/6FTAF