Honeywell Sperian® KV5SS Stainless-Steel Core Knit Gloves

    The Honeywell KV5SS Sperian® Stainless-Steel Core Knit Gloves offer superior hand protection in factories, food processing plants, and other industrial environments that may present a cut hazard. These cut-resistant gloves have three strands of stainless-steel fiber wound together and wrapped in synthetic fiber for maximum flexibility and protection. Personnel can enjoy optimum slash and cut protection in premium comfort that does not interfere with activities. These durable gloves are recommended for use in the food processing industry and can be washed for multiple applications.
  • ANSI cut level 5 protection
  • Easily washed and sanitized for multiple applications
  • 2-inch cuff protects wrist
  • Stainless-steel core for maximum protection
  • Three strands of stainless-steel fiber provide durability

Technical Specs:

Brand: Sperian®
Type: Stainless Steel Core knit Gloves
Material: Three Strands Stainless Steel Core / Filament Fiber Wrap
Color: Gold
Thickness: 7 ga
Cut-Level Rating: ANSI Cut Level 5
Cuff Type: Standard
Hand Type:
Coating Material: Uncoated
Lining Material: Unlined
Coated Area:
Cuff Length: 2 in
Compliance / Standards:


Honeywell Sperian® KV5SS Stainless-Steel Core Knit GlovesHoneywell Sperian® KV5SS Stainless-Steel Core Knit Gloves, Small spec sheet

Manufacturer Description:

Flexible steel strands, in either double or triple strand cord combinations are wrapped in synthetic fiber. Gloves are heavyweight, and provide optimum cut and slash protection while still offering flexibility and comfort.

Hant # Size MFG # UPC
82143 Small KV5SS-S
82144 Medium KV5SS-M
82145 Large KV5SS-L
82146 X-Large KV5SS-XL