Technical Specs:

Type     Sleeve    
Material     Polypropylene    
Color     Blue    
Length     18 in    
Compliance / Standards     ASTM 1790-97
ISO 13997
FDA Approval    
Special Features     Serged Seams, Unstretched Openings    
Application     Light Manufacturing, Food Service, Computer Assembly, Dirty & Dusty Job    
Size     Universal    
Package Quantity     100 Pieces per Polybag
2 Polybags per Case
200 Pieces per Case    
Opening Style     Elastic at Both Ends    
Certifications     FDA Approved    


Sleeve, Polypropylene, Blue, 18 in, Universal spec sheet
Sleeve, Polypropylene, Blue, 18 in, Universal spec sheet

Manufacturer Description:

Polypropylene is a lightweight disposable material that will keep you clean when working in that dusty, dirty, gritty, grimy area. Best suited for protection against non-hazardous dry particles. Extremely breathable and comfortable. Industry Application:Great for light manufacturing, food service, computer assembly, dirty & dusty jobs.

Hant # MFG # UPC
87768 S123E4