Best Sanitizer™ 1-Gallon Hand Sanitizer Alpet® E3 SA10001

    Best Sanitizers™ Alpet® E3 SA10001 1-gallon hand sanitizer spray is a safer, more efficient way to sanitize the hands for food professionals. It does not require a towel and does not have to be rinsed off before touching food. It's the perfect companion to fast-paced kitchen or food processing environments. This sanitizing spray is isopropyl based (76%) and is FDA (GRAS) and USDA E3 approved for safe food handling. The unique advantage of this gallon hand sanitizer is the atomized spray that penetrates the nails and cuticles for maximum sanitation. It is also a pareve product that is Kosher certified. This item requires a pump dispenser, including MD10006, MD10012, MD10105, MD10200, AD10022, or AD10008/19.
  • Pareve product made from Kosher ingredients
  • Innovative, atomized spray penetrates fingertips, cuticles, and hand creases for safer food handling
  • Less inconvenient in fast-paced environments--no towel or rinsing needed before touching food
  • FDA (GRAS) and USDA E3 compliant
  • Kosher certified, pareve product neutrally made without meats or dairy ingredients
  • Requires dispenser, including MD10006, MD10012, MD10105, MD10200, AD10022, or AD10008/19

Technical Specs:

Alpet® E3    
Type     Hand Sanitizer    
Application     Food Processing, Food Service / Grocery    
Color     Clear    
For Use With     MD10006, MD10012, MD10105, MD10200, AD10022, AD10008/19 Dispensers    
Package Quantity     4 Bottles per Case    
Product Form     Liquid    
Formula     76% Isopropyl    
Fragrance     Fragrance Free    
Compliance / Standards     USDA E3    
Alcohol Content     Contains Alcohol    
Size     1 gal    
Waterless (Yes/No)     Yes    
Container Type     Bottle    
Certifications     NSF Certified    
HAACP Compliant    


Smart-San® Alcohol Free Foam Hand Sanitizer Refill 1250mLBest Sanitizer™ 1-Gallon Hand Sanitizer Alpet® E3 SA10001

Manufacturer Description:

The original alcohol based hand sanitizer spray for industry professionals. Formulated with emollients, Alpet E3 is a powerful, isopropyl based hand sanitizing formula engineered to meet the strict requirements of the Food Processing Industry. An FDA approved product, Alpet E3 requires no rinsing or toweling prior to direct contact with food.

Hant # MFG # UPC
90141 SA10001