North® 5902M E Metal Mesh Gloves, Stainless Steel Mesh, Standard with Rubber Band Strap, Medium

North® 5902M E Metal Mesh Gloves are ideal for food service applications. Whiting + Davis and Chainex metal mesh products are constructed of individually welded and joined stainless steel rings. The individually welded rings allow the mesh fabric to flow without harsh edges;gloves are comfortable and easy to wear.
  • Gloves have seams that are 4-ring joined, sealing the seam so as not to have gaps that would allow knife points to poke through
  • Thumbs are attached with a 3-ring join for a strong seam at a high wear area
  • Gloves are ergonomically designed and constructed with tapered fingers and palm to prevent mesh from sagging, minimizing the hazard of getting gloves caught in machinery
  • Gloves are 3-step reversible to be worn on either hand
  • All mesh is manufactured following the European Standard of EN1082
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    Technical Specs:

    Whiting + Davis®    
    Type     Metal Mesh Gloves    
    Material     Stainless Steel Mesh    
    Color     Gray    
    Compliance / Standards     ANSI
    CE Certified
    Special Features     Easy-On, Easy-Off Reversible, Fully Enclosed Full Hand Glove With Self-Adjusting Rubber Band Strap, Five Finger, Abrasion-Resistant, Cut & Puncture-Resistant, Corrosion-Resistant    
    Application     Food Services    
    Size     Medium    
    Coating Material     Uncoated    
    Lining Material     Unlined    
    Cuff Type     Standard with Rubber Band Strap    


    International Services 116068 Metal Mesh Glove Strap, White,North® 5902M E Metal Mesh Gloves, Stainless Steel spec sheet

    Manufacturer Description:

    Stainless steel mesh gloves offer the ultimate in cut protection. Honeywell mesh gloves are made of corrosion resistant, stainless steel rings that are individually welded for maximum strength, flexibility and durability. Metal mesh gloves are hygienic and easily sanitized - our rings resist process fats and oils and clean up simply with hot water and soap.

    Hant # MFG # UPC
    90759 5902M E