VacMaster® VP680 Freestanding Chamber Vacuum Sealer with Gas Flush

    The VacMaster® VP680 Freestanding Chamber Vacuum Sealer can handle demanding tasks with ease. Vacuum seal soups, stews, marinades, foods for sous vide cooking. The powerful 3 hp vacuum pump makes it ideal for fish and meat processing, supermarkets, labs, sous vide cooking, commercial kitchens, and more. Vacuum packaging in a chamber vacuum machine seals by removing all the air from the chamber at once, without drawing liquid into the seal area. It gives a stronger seal than that of external machines. Delivers a strong, consistent seal every use. This floor model is ideal for commercial operations with limited counter space. It features four 3" rolling casters so the machine can easily be moved out of the way when it's not in use. The VP680 has a 40" W x 22" D x 7" H chamber size along with a domed lid, allowing for easy vacuum sealing of larger items. A sealing option switch allows for the selection of which seal bar or combination of bars will be in use. The machine can vacuum package large portions or a series of smaller portions easily. An optional gas flush system aids in modified atmosphere packaging.
  • Durable stainless-steel body is easy to clean
  • Three removable seal bars - two 19 1/2" and one 37" - with double seal wire
  • 20-40 second cycle time
  • Digital control panel and pressure indicator are easy to use
  • Electrical, three-phase 220 V
  • Filler plates, maintenance kit, and user’s manual included
  • Overall dimensions: 47" W x 28.5" D x 39.5" H