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3M™ Earmuff Peltor™ Optime™ 105 H10P3E Cap Mounted Noise Canceling3M™ Earmuff Peltor™ Optime™ 105 H10P3E Cap Mounted
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3M™ Earmuff Peltor™ Optime™ 105 H10P3E Cap Mounted Noise Canceling

    The 3M™ H10P3E Noise Canceling Peltor™ Optime™ 105 Earmuff feature an easy cap-mount design that attaches to most hard hats for additional hearing protection. The earcups have pivot points that tilt for optimum comfort and efficiency. The double-shell technology and twin-cup design features soft, liquid/foam-filled earmuff cushions to provide comfort during long hours of wear. These Peltor™ Optime™ 105 Earmuffs are recommended for noise levels up to 105 dBA and feature a noise reduction rating of 27dB. These earmuffs are designed to work with additional safety gear (hard hats) in industries such as construction, manufacturing, military, transportation, demolition, and more.
  • For noise levels up to 105 dBA
  • Easy cap-mount design attaches to hard hats for an additional layer of safety
  • Hearing protection provides noise reduction rating of 27dB
  • Recommended in applications such as assembly, cleaning, machine operations, and more
  • Lightweight and durable non-corrosive plastic
  • Tilting earcup pivot points for individualized comfort and maximum efficiency
  • Meets CSA standards

Technical Specs:

Type     Earmuff    
Color     Red / Black    
Compliance / Standards     CSA Class AL    
Special Features     Double-Shell Technology    
Application     Automotive, Construction, Food & Beverage Manufacturing, Manufacturing, Metal Production & Fabrication, Military Maintenance, Repair and Operation (MRO), Mining, Oil & Gas, Pharmaceutical, Transportation    
Size     Universal    
Package Quantity     10 per Case    
Cup Material     ABS Plastic    
Style     Noise Blocking    
Noise Reduction Rating (NRR)     27 dB    
Package Type     Box    
Mounting Type     Cap Mount    
Cushion Material     Liquid / Foam    
Dielectric (Yes/No)     No    


3M™ Peltor™ Optime™ 101 Cap-Mounted Earmuffs H7P3E NRR 24 dB3M™ Earmuff Peltor™ Optime™ 105 H10P3E Cap Mounted spec sheet

Manufacturer Description:

3M™ Peltor™ Optime™ 105 cap attached earmuffs feature double-shell technology to provide effective hearing protection.

Hant # MFG # UPC
40526 H10P3E 10093045081032