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50' Gorilla® Multipurpose Hose Yellow Nitrile Rubber ¾” ID & Fittings

    Optimize wash-down procedures with the 50-foot Goodyear Gorilla® multipurpose hose. Constructed of nitrile synthetic rubber and reinforced with 2 inches of braided, synthetic yarn, this 3/4-inch yellow Gorilla® hose is MSHA approved and has an RMA Class A rating for high oil resistance, making it practical for automotive and construction applications. This flame-resistant, washdown hose is nonconductive for safe use near electrical equipment, and it's suitable for various environments, withstanding temperatures from -20 to 190 degrees F. This yellow Gorilla® multipurpose hose contains contact fittings for easy coupling with hydraulics and other devices.
  • Air/multipurpose transfer hose
  • RMA Class A for high oil resistance
  • MSHA approved
  • Constructed of nitrile synthetic rubber
  • Reinforced with braided, synthetic yarn
  • Contact fittings for simple coupling
  • Withstands temperatures between -20 and 190 degrees F

Technical Specs:

Type     Multipurpose Hose    
Color     Yellow    
Application     Washdown    
Special Features     Chemical, Solvent    
Includes     Hydraulic Fitting, GHT Adaptors    
Hose/Pipe Length     50 ft    
Hose/Pipe Size     3/4 in    
Maximum Pressure Rating     400 PSI    
Maximum Operating Temperature Rating     +190 °F    

Manufacturer Description:

Premium-quality hose handles air, oil, water, animal fat, vegetable oil, alkalies, salt solutions, kerosene, paraffin, grease, sprays, & many chemicals & solvents. 190°F, 400 psi, hydraulic fitting/GHT Adapters.

Hant # MFG # UPC
39977 97103338/417-00950