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Carlisle 36550100 Extra-Large Yellow Foam Sponge

    The Carlisle Extra-Large Yellow Foam Sponge is an excellent choice for cleaning pots, pans, cutting boards, bathrooms, floors, counters, and vehicles. The yellow foam sponge is made from synthetic material that will last for multiple uses without degrading or crumbling apart. The extra-large size makes this foam sponge ideal for a variety of uses. Durable for cleaning many areas of your facility.
  • Natural yellow color
  • Superb absorbency - soaks up water, suds, and spills with ease
  • Use it to move spilled food aside and clean underneath
  • Economical option for cleaning large areas

Technical Specs:

Type     Extra Large Sponge    
Application     Dishes, Floors, Counters, Vehicles    
Length     8-1/4 in    
Width     4-1/4 in    
Color     Yellow    
Material     Foam Sponge    
Package Quantity     24 Packs per Case    
Height     2-1/4 in    


Carlisle 36550100 Extra-Large Yellow Foam Sponge spec sheet
Carlisle 36550100 Extra-Large Yellow Foam Sponge spec sheet

Manufacturer Description:

The Carlisle Extra-Large Sponge is a durable, high-quality, affordable universal cleaning option. Clean counter tops, dishes, pots, pans, floors, bathrooms, vehicles, and more with this super-absorbent sponge.

Hant # MFG # UPC
22189 36550100