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Apache Mills® Black Rubber Anti-Fatigue Mat Non-Slip 3' x 5'Apache Mills® Black Rubber Anti-Fatigue Mat Non-Slip 3'
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Apache Mills® Black Rubber Anti-Fatigue Mat Non-Slip 3' x 5'

    This Rubber Black Floor Anti-Fatigue Mat WorkStep™ by Apache Mills® provides a comfortable working surface. The comfortable, elevated construction eases fatigue, increasing productivity and reducing breaks to ease sore feet and legs. Drainage holes allow liquids and waste to quickly drain from the work area, keeping the surface dry and safe. This black rubber mat is non-slip, water-repellant, anti-fatigue, oil-resistant, grease-resistant, and washable.
  • 1/2” rubber construction eases fatigue and increases productivity
  • Durable, beveled edges allow for easy transition between mat and other flooring
  • Perfect for use in industrial environments
  • Elevated construction and drainage holes allow liquids and waste to drain away from work area

Technical Specs:

NOTRAX Sanitop™    
Type     Wet Mat    
Color     Black    
Application     Bar and Kitchen Wet Areas, Oily and Greasy Industrial Workstations    
Special Features     Anti-Slip Traction, Water Repellant, Anti-Fatigue, Washable, Oil-Resistant (Red), Grease-Resistant, 3-Year Warranty    
Compliance / Standards     USDA    
Material     Rubber    
Length     60 in    
Width     36 in    
Thickness     1/2 in    
Pattern     Holes
Nibs Bottom    
Edges     Beveled    

Manufacturer Description:

The Apache Mills WorkStep Black Rubber Anti-Fatigue Wet Mat is a lightweight rubber drainage mat that is perfect for wet industrial environments as well as bars and restaurants. This comfortable, anti-fatigue mat is designed with holes and nibs to allow drainage away from work areas. The nibs also elevate the mat. Available from Hantover, this mat has beveled edges.

Hant # MFG # UPC
42046 39-378-0920-30000500