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Apache Mills® Marble Foot™ 3' x 2' Rubber Floor Mat

    Create an ergonomic standing work area for employees with this Apache Mills® 39-066-0908-20000300 Marble Foot™ rubber anti-fatigue floor mat. The durable rubber surface of this 1/2-inch-thick anti-fatigue mat is wear-resistant and holds up to ordinary chemicals and solvents for ease of cleaning and long-lasting use. The bonded 3/8-inch ErgoFlex™ closed-cell vinyl foam layer provides optimal standing support. This Apache Mills® Marble Foot™ rubber floor anti-fatigue mat's marble surface design provides a stylish aesthetic while concealing dirt.
  • 1/2” thick for optimal standing comfort
  • 3/8”-thick ErgoFlex™ closed-cell vinyl foam layer
  • Attractive marble surface design hides dirt
  • Resistant to wear, chemical, and solvents

Technical Specs:

Marble Foot™    
NOTRAX Sof-Tyle™    
Type     Dry Mat    
Color     Black / White    
Application     Service Counters, Assembly Lines, Shipping and Packaging Cells, Hospitals and Laboratories    
Special Features     Anti-Slip Traction, Anti-Fatigue, Chemical-Resistant, Solvent-Resistant    
Material     Rubber    
Length     36 in    
Width     24 in    
Thickness     1/2 in    
Pattern     Marble    
Filler Material     Ergo Flex™ Foam    

Manufacturer Description:

Hant # MFG # UPC
41995 39-066-0908-20000300