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BTX/TalleyRand Industries® UYS48 6-Mil Nylon Apron, 35" X 48"

    This BTX/TalleyRand Industries® (TRi™) UYS48 nylon apron is made with TRi's PureProtecta™ polyurethane resin that enhances water and liquid protection for jobs around liquid environments, such as kitchens, water supply facilities, and more. The nylon material is triple-coated (150 denier), which enhances tear resistance and increases comfort for all-day work. As a medium-duty protective apron; it works great for tough applications in which PliaNyl or Ethylate cannot be used.
  • 150 denier adds waterproof, delaminating benefits for longer life
  • PureProtecta™ polyurethane resin stops liquids from seeping through the surface
  • Medium-duty construction replaces PliaNyl and Ethylate when they can't be used

Technical Specs:

Type: Sewn Edge Apron
Material: Polyurethane / 150 Denier Nylon
Size: Universal
Overall Width: 35 in
Thickness: 6 mil
Closure Type:
Neck Style:
Edge Style: Sewn Edge
Resistance Properties: Water-Resistant|Tear-Resistant
Number of Pockets: 0
Material Weight:

Manufacturer Description:

Hant # Color Overall Length MFG # UPC
40122V Yellow 48 in UYS48
40124V Blue 55 in UBS55