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Blistex Kanka® Toothache & Oral Pain Relief Liquid 0.33 Oz

    Relieve dental pain fast with the Blistex 41388020391 Kanka® toothache pain relief liquid. This product contains professional strength benzocaine for toothache relief until a dentist can be seen. The liquid form allows the medicine to spread easily into small areas, such as cracks or holes in teeth, making it ideal to treat tooth pain due to cavities and injuries. It also forms a protective coating for lasting pain control. McKesson Kanka® toothache pain relief liquid is ADA accepted and a great addition to first aid kits.
  • Professional strength benzocaine for maximum pain relief
  • Liquid form spreads easily
  • Protective coating for lasting pain control
  • ADA accepted

Technical Specs:

Brand     KANKA    
Type     Pain Relief    
Physical Form     Liquid    
Remedy For     Toothache    
Ingredients     Benzocaine    

Manufacturer Description:

Hant # MFG # UPC
28558 640274