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CARLISLE® 3688403 Duo Sweep® Warehouse Broom
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CARLISLE® 3688403 Duo Sweep® Warehouse Broom

    Sweep effectively for longer with the Carlisle® 3688403 Duo Sweep® warehouse broom. This broom's stiff, black, synthetic filament is ideal for heavier sweeping. It can be cleaned to extend the product life and is guaranteed to last four times longer than a corn broom. The Carlisle® Duo Sweep® warehouse broom features two standard 3/4-5 ACME threaded handle holes for general purpose sweeping or sweeping along walls and hard to reach areas.
  • Stiff black synthetic filament for heavy-duty sweeping
  • Guaranteed to last four times longer than a corn broom
  • US standard 3/4-5 ACME threaded holes
  • Upright handle hole for general purpose sweeping
  • Angled handle hole for sweeping hard to reach areas

Technical Specs:

Duo Sweep®    
Type     Warehouse Broom    
Bristle Material     Synthetic    
Trim Length     7 in    
Attachment Type     Threaded    
Flagged Bristles     No    
Bristle Color     Black    
Width     13 in    
Handle Length     48 in    
Material     Plastic    
Handle Material     Steel    
Includes     Metal Handle    


CARLISLE® 3688403 Duo Sweep® Warehouse Broom spec sheet

Manufacturer Description:

Keep your warehouse floor clean with the Carlisle 36884 Flo-Pac Duo-Sweep Unflagged Warehouse Broom. This broom is designed for heavier sweeping jobs in large spaces. Available from Hantover, the broom features black, unflagged filament to handle heavy duty sweeping jobs. For versatility, you can attach the metal, threaded handle at an angle or upright. Attaching at an angle makes it easier to reach hard to clean places while attaching upright is ideal for general purpose sweeping.

Hant # MFG # UPC
25506 3688403