Carter Z15-P Line Laser Light

    The Carter Z15-P Laser Light is a line laser unit that can help improve the quality of your products, save setup time, eliminate waste, and speed up turnaround time. Housed in a 40-mil tube containing a fully encapsulated power supply and diode assembly, this line laser is designed for maximum ruggedness. The laser line is a visual alignment tool, meaning that it allows you to see the outline of an entire part before cutting.
  • Visual alignment laser light allows you to see entire outline before cutting, saving expensive material and increasing production
  • 40-mil size allows for easy transport between projects
  • All parts, including power supply and diode assembly, fully encapsulated in laser light tube
  • Rugged design provides durability

Recommended Items:

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$ 1,659.15

Technical Specs:

Type     Laser Light    

Manufacturer Description:

Hant # MFG # UPC
20762 Z15-P