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Comark PW70TA Thermometer Probe Wipes

    Remove bacteria and microbes before and after taking measurements to reduce cross contamination risks with Comark PW70TA thermometer probe wipes. The small dispenser tucks away for easy storage and offers space-saving portability, and its pop-up dispenser design provides single alcohol probe wipes to prevent dry outs and potential contamination. Keep an ample supply on hand thanks to packs containing 70 Comark thermometer probe wipes.
  • Works with Comark temperature probes
  • Has pop-up lid for single wipe dispensing
  • Small container for portability
  • Use alcohol to thoroughly clean probes
  • Reduces cross contamination by killing microbes
  • Includes 70 white wipes per package

Technical Specs:

Type     Antibacterial Probe Wipe    
Package Quantity     70 Wipes per Dispenser
12 Dispensers per Case    


Comark PW70TA Thermometer Probe Wipes

Manufacturer Description:

Keep your Comark thermometer probes clean with Comark PW70TA Thermometer Probe Wipes available from Hantover. Reduce risk of cross-contamination by using the alcohol wipes on thermometer probes before and after each temperature measurement. The wipes are white, making them easy to spot. They come in a compact container with a pop-up lid design that dispenses one wipe at a time.

Hant # MFG # UPC
83932 PW70TA