DELTATRAKŪ 16500 In-Transit Temperature Chart Recorder, 90 days, -20 to +100 °F / -29 to +38°C, Disposable

  • New 2 part document for ease of use
  • New improved pull tab designed to make it easier to START
  • Dual scale °F/°C chart
  • Bilingual operation instructions
  • Various models ranging from 5-Day to 90-Day transit periods
  • Available in three temperature ranges
  • Patented design guarantees recording trace stops at end of trip
  • Vented case for superior air circulation and faster temperature response
  • Serial number on each unit for traceability
  • PATENT NO. 4,990,940

Technical Specs:

Type     In-Transit Temperature Chart Recorder    
Compliance / Standards     CE Mark by T.U.V.
Traceable to N.I.S.T.    
Package Quantity     20 Per Case    
Accuracy     ą2 °F / ą1 °C    
Weight     6.98 oz    
Special Features     Dual Scale °F/°C Chart, Bilingual Instruction    
Battery Size     AA Carbon Zinc    
Overall Dimensions     5.5 x 4 x 2.5 in    
Application     Storage and Transportation of Food, Pharmaceuticals, Chemicals, Other Temperature-Sensitive Commodities in Refrigerated Trucks, Rail Cars, Ocean and Air Freight Containers    
Chart Type     Pressure Sensitive Paper    
Sensor Type     Bi-Metal Coil    
Recording Time     90 days    
Drive     Solid St    


Comark PX31L Thermistor Penetration Probe, -40° to 302° FDELTATRAKŪ 16500 In-Transit Temperature Chart Recorder, 90 days, spec sheet

Manufacturer Description:

The permanent records produced by these temperature chart recorders serve as corroborating evidence for insurance claims, quality assurance documentation and protection of your valuable products. Models are available from 5-Day to 90-Day transit periods with three temperature ranges.

Hant # MFG # UPC
24956 16500