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McKesson 98697 Biofreeze Pain-Relief Gel, 100 3-ml Packets

    Alleviate uncomfortable and limiting pain temporarily with this Performance Health Biofreeze® pain-relief gel sample kit. It includes 100 individual 3ml menthol topical gel packets to easily disperse to patients and clients, and each packet provides potential short-term pain relief to those experiencing issues such as arthritis and sprains.
  • Individual packets fit easily in bags and wallets
  • Colorless gel formula for discreet application
  • Packets come in a counter- and desk-friendly dispenser for easy use

Technical Specs:

Type     Pain Relief    
Physical Form     Gel    
Container Type     Packet    
Size     3 ml    
Recommended Uses     Arthritis
Active Ingredients     Isopropyl Alcohol (15-40 %)
L-Menthol (3-7 %)
Glycerine (1-5 %)
Propylene Glycol (1-5 %)    
Warnings     Flammable
May Cause Eye Irritation
May Be Harmful If Swallowed    
Package Quantity     100 Packs per Box    

Manufacturer Description:

Biofreeze with Ilex Pain-Relieving Gel is the #1 clinical pain reliever, improved and preferred!The most natural Biofreeze portfolio ever. Over two years of research, testing, development and user studies guarantee it's as effective as the original Biofreeze. Temporarily relief from minor aches and pains of sore muscles and joints associated with:arthritis, backache, strains and sprains.

Hant # MFG # UPC
21778 98697