Hantover Inc.
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Technical Specs:

Brand     CK    
Body Part Applications     Knuckle    
Length     3 in    
Width     1.5 in    
Color     Blue    
Material     Fabric    
Adhesiveness     Adhesive    
Water Resistant (Yes/No)     No    
Overall Dimensions     3 (L) x 1.5 (W) in    
Latex Free     Yes    
Package Quantity     50 per Box
24 per Case
3500 (Bulk)    


First Aid Bandage, Blue, 1-1/2 W x 3 L inFirst Aid Bandage, Blue, 1-1/2 W x 3First Aid Bandage, Blue, 1-1/2 W x 3 spec sheet

Manufacturer Description:

A complete line of bandages that cover all minor first aid and medical needs. Plus they're metal detectable! These highly visible and sterile bandages are perfectly recognizable in case of loss within the food processing and pharmaceutical industries. These bandages contain foil for quick detection by most x-ray and metal detectors used in industry today. It is recommended that a bandage sample be tested for metal detectability before use within your own systems. All bandages are latex free.

Hant # MFG # UPC
66173 516285