Diamond™, Shock Absorbing Lanyard, Polyester, 6 ft, Locking Snap Hook

  • Keeps average fall arrest forces below
  • Durable polyester sheath for increased abrasion and UV resistance
  • Highly visible deployment tag
  • Pouchless design for lighter weight and comfortable wear
  • Single- and twin-leg configurations
  • Single leg FP Diamond is bi-directional to make training easier
  • Twin leg FP Diamond allows for 100% tie of
  • Now available in Kevlar

Technical Specs:

Type     Shock Absorbing Lanyard    
Material     Polyester    
Length     6 ft    
Compliance / Standards     OSHA
CSA Z259.11    
Application     Construction    
Number of Legs     1    
Connection Type     Locking Snap Hook    


3M™ 3100427 Self Retracting Lanyard, Dyneema® Webbing, Black, 11 ft, Rebar Hook, 310 lbsDiamond™, Shock Absorbing Lanyard, Polyester, 6 ft, Locking spec sheet

Manufacturer Description:

Raising the standard for energy-absorbing lanyards, the FP Diamond Energy-Absorbing Lanyard's light weight and streamlined design contains a strong and durable polyester sheath that's abrasion and UV-resistant. FP Diamond Energy-Absorbing Lanyards connect the back D-ring of MSA full-body harnesses to a qualified anchorage and anchorage connector. The energy absorber keeps fall arrest forces and deceleration distances below ANSI, CSA, and OSHA limits.

Hant # MFG # UPC
29072 10023932

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