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Technical Specs:

Type     Mechanical Stroke Totalizer Counter    
Special Features     Base Mounted, Plastic Frame and Cover    
Length     1.44 in    
Width     2.76 in    
Depth     1.38 in    
Application     Hand Operated Desk Tally    
Timing Range     9999    
Digits Size / Color     4-3/16 in H / White on Black    
Speed     1000 cpm    
Operator     Push Button    
Reset     Knob    


Durant® Mechanical Stroke Counter 4-X-2 Black With Push BarDurant® Mechanical Stroke Counter 4-X-2 Black With Push spec sheet

Manufacturer Description:

Can be mounted anywhere functions are performed that require hand counting. Feather-touch button. Counts up to 9999. Base mounted.

Hant # MFG # UPC
19446 78211401142