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Extech® Infrared E4 WiFi Camera Thermal FLIR MSX NIST 80 x 60 Pixels

    Detect problems quickly with this FLIR® 63906-0604 E4 MSX® Wi-Fi infrared camera. The 4,800-pixel infrared resolution lets you take precise temperature readings to detect moisture intrusion, energy loss, and structural issues. This camera features Wi-Fi functionality to send reports and share images immediately using the FLIR Tools mobile application. Simple button navigation and on-screen settings offer easy operation, and the focus-free lens captures images with ease. The included hard transport case protects the camera, and the power supply has US, UK, EU, and Australian plugs for international use. This FLIR® E4 MSX® Wi-Fi infrared camera comes with a USB cable for easy connectivity.
  • Reveal troublesome heat patterns in real time
  • 4,800-pixel infrared resolution
  • Uncooled microbolometer detector
  • Wi-Fi transmits data to the FLIR Tools mobile application
  • Easy button navigation and on-screen settings display
  • Hard transport case for safe storage
  • Power supply features US, UK, EU, and Australian plugs
  • Includes USB cable
  • Focus-free lens

Technical Specs:

Brand     Extech®    
Type     Infrared Camera    
Operation Type     Digital    
Display Type     LCD    
Power Source     Battery    
Resolution     80 X 60 Pixels    
Temperature Accuracy     ±2 °C/±3.6 °F     

Manufacturer Description:

Hant # MFG # UPC
39496 63906-0604