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Fine Mesh Nylon Brown Disposable Hairnet 24" Keystone 109HPI

    Maintain hygienic workplace conditions with the Keystone 109HPI 24-inch brown disposable hairnet. Fine mesh nylon stockinette provides extra soft, breathable comfort for daily wear, and the durable, form-fitting design ensures consistent coverage to prevent contamination. The non-linting fabric is 100 percent latex free to minimize the risk of allergies. This brown mesh disposable hairnet is Helmke drum tested and conforms to FFDCA certification, making it ideal for use in clean rooms.
  • FFDCA certified
  • Helmke drum tested
  • Non-linting fabric
  • Clean room compatible
  • Form-fitting design
  • 100 percent latex free

Technical Specs:

Type     Hairnet    
Material     Nylon    
Color     Brown    
Special Features     Soft Heavy-Weight, 1/16 in. Hole Honeycomb    
Size     Universal    
Package Quantity     100 per Bag
10 Bags per Case    
Diameter     24 in    
Flame Resistant     Yes    
Latex-Free (Yes/No)     Yes    
Weave     Honeycomb    


Keystone 109HSI Fine Mesh Nylon White Disposable Hairnet 21

Manufacturer Description:

Soft Heavyweight Nylon, 1/16" Hole, Honeycomb, Flame-Resistant.

Hant # MFG # UPC
40409 109HPI 24" BROWN