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Green Label Packaging® 36X48 4-PLY Dunnage Air Bags

    Reduce or eliminate load shifting before it happens with Green Label Packaging® 36X48 4-PLY Dunnage air bags. Made of heavy kraft paper on the outside and housing an interior poly film bladder, they are easily inflated using an air hose and inflator tool. These durable Dunnage air bags hold loads securely in place and ensure cargo arrives intact and undamaged. They also come with a patented leakproof air intake valve for a quick, easy connection. Unlike wood bracing, which can take longer to install and remove, kraft Dunnage bags can be quickly installed and, when delivery is complete, easily punctured and taken out. Green Label Packaging® Dunnage air bags are a convenient way to protect products and ensure customer satisfaction.
  • Heavyweight kraft paper exterior, high-density poly film interior bladder
  • Interior polyethylene film offers supreme protection from leaks
  • 4-ply extensible kraft paper protects against scrapes or breakage
  • Post-production quality testing ensures reliability

Technical Specs:

Type     Dunnage Air Bag    
Package Quantity     150 per Pallet    
Number of Ply     4    
Bag Height     48 in    
Bag Width     36 in    
Mode of Transport     Truck
Maximum Pressure Rating     4 PSI    

Manufacturer Description:

Load shifting is the #1 cause of damage, which can be very costly. Dunnage Air Bags are made of 2,4, 6, or 8 plies of 80 lbs Kraft Extensible paper. Inside the bags are lined with a 4 mil polyethylene bladder which meets or exceeds the requirements of Table C, Rule 40 of the Uniform Freight Code. The paper exterior protects the inner poly layer and holds the bag in place between your product. Dunnage Air Bags are used in Truck, Rail Car, Container, or Intermodal Shipments. In most truck shipments, 2 is recommended. For railcar and overseas shipments, a heavier 4, 6, or 8 ply is recommended. GL offers a complete line of inflatable dunnage air bags in a wide range of sizes in 2, 4, 6 or 8 ply bags to brace your cargo through over the road, rail, ocean going and intermodal transit.

Hant # MFG # UPC
18225 36X48 4PLY