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GuardAir® Pneumatic Vacuum Gun 1500 Pistol Grip
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GuardAir® Pneumatic Vacuum Gun 1500 Pistol Grip

    The GuardAir® 1500 Pistol Grip Pneumatic Vacuum Gun makes shop clean-up a breeze. The vacuum gun has double the power available in standard shop vacuums, and the vacuum gun fits easily into one hand. This lightweight pneumatic vacuum gun has no electric motors that would fail and render the gun useless. Instead, it is powered by compressed air. The contoured comfort grip is easy to hold, allowing for maximum cleaning power. The vacuum gun is easy to empty because its high-filtration collection bag attaches via a simple hose cuff to the vacuum. Pop the bag off to empty it and reattach it with ease. The vacuum gun allows users to add accessories easily because the tapered vacuum inlet is a standard 1.25-inch size. A rugged, all-metal construction provides durability in the toughest of industries and shops.
  • Pistol grip vacuum gun offers contoured comfort during use
  • Powered by compressed air, there are no engines to burn out
  • High-filtration collection bag is easy to empty
  • Vacuum accessories easily added for customized cleaning
  • All-metal construction offers ruggedness and durability

Technical Specs:

Pneumatic Vacuums    
Type     Pneumatic Vacuum Gun    
Special Features     Rugged, Hanging Eyelet    
Compliance / Standards     OSHA    
Material     Metal    
Handle Type     Contoured Comfort Grip    
Includes     9 in Crevice Tool, High Filtration Collection Bag With Zipper    
Inlet Size     1/4 in FNPT    
Operation Mode     Trigger    
Maximum Inlet Pressure     100 PSIG    
Maximum Noise Detection     89 dBA    
Air Consumption     29 SCFM    
Vacuum Consumption     78 SCFM    
Minimum Compressor Size     7-1/2 HP    
Vacuum Lift     75 in.H2O    


GuardAir® Pneumatic Vacuum Gun 1500 Pistol Grip spec sheet

Manufacturer Description:

Place twice the power of a standard shop vacuum in the palm of your hand. Powered by standard shop compressed air, the Light weight 1500 Gun Vac has no electric motors to burn out. Easy to empty, high filtration collection bag attaches to rear of vacuum via hose cuff. Tapered vacuum inlet accepts all standard 1-1/4" vac accessories. Unit hangs on a hook, ready for use at anytime.

Hant # MFG # UPC
40057 1500