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Honeywell 4 oz. Eyesaline® 32-000452-000 Personal Eyewash Bottle

    Honeywell Eyesaline® 32-0004520000 emergency eyewash in an individual 4-oz bottle. An economical and convenient way to flush or irrigate the eyes when needed to remove foreign materials, pollen, dust, air pollutants, smoke, etc. It helps protect against biohazard, chemical, and splash. The bottle contains a buffered, sterile saline solution that is better than tap water for emergency eye care. Recommended for food service, food processing, agriculture, construction, chemical, utilities, steel and metal, and more.
  • Portable, readily available for use
  • Tamper-resistant blow-fill-seal bottles can be easily accessed in an emergency
  • Extended-flow nozzle
  • User-control volume control delivers drops or an irrigating stream of solution
  • Shelf life is 36 months from the manufacturing date
  • Should be used as a supplement, not a replacement, for primary eyewash unit
  • Cannot be refilled

Technical Specs:

Type     Eyewash Solution    
Special Features     Sterile    
Container Size     4 oz    
Recommended Uses     Flush or Irrigate the Eye to Remove Foreign Materials, Air Pollutants or Chlorinated Water    


Honeywell® 32-000462 Eyesaline Double Eye Wash Station 32-oz.Honeywell 4 oz. Eyesaline® 32-000452-000 Personal Eyewash Bottle

Manufacturer Description:

Isotonic, buffered eyewash, 4 oz. bottle. Emergency eyewash provides a handy, economical way to flush or irrigate the eye to remove foreign materials, air pollutants or chlorinated water.

Hant # MFG # UPC
230011 32-000452-0000