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Honeywell North 019746-0032L OSHA Bloodborne Pathogen Kit 16 Person

    North« by Honeywell 019746-0032L OSHA approved biohazard bloodborne pathogen response kit comes in a white hard plastic container that contains the supplies needed, including personal protective products, for a bloodborne pathogens spill. This 16 person first aid biohazard clean up kit protects workers while complying with OSHA 1910.130. This bloodborne pathogen kit contents include: an instruction sheet, poison control directory, two ounces of Vital 1 absorbent, a surface wipe, antiseptic wipe, surgical mask and shield, medical gloves, a gown, shovel, shoe covers, a red biohazard bag, twist tie, an absorbent towel, and a scraper.
  • 16 unit plastic white case
  • Used for cleaning up body spills
  • OSHA 1910.130
  • For a refill of this kit, see Hantover item # 180010

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Technical Specs:

Brand: NORTH«
Type: Bio-Hazard Response Kit
Material: Plastic (Case)
Resistance Properties:
Includes: 10 in x 7 in x 3 in Poly Case, Instruction Sheet, Poison Control Directory, Vital 1 Absorbent 2 oz, Germicidal Surface Wipe, Antiseptic Wipes BZK, Surgical Mask and Shield, Medical Gloves, Shovel, Gown, Shoe Covers, Biohazard Bag 24 in x 24 in, Twist Tie, Absorbent Towel, Scraper


Honeywell« 127010 Bloodborne Pathogen KitHoneywell North 019746-0032L OSHA Bloodborne Pathogen Kit 16 spec sheet

Manufacturer Description:

16u Pl North Response Kit

Hant # MFG # UPC
180012 019746-0032L