Hantover Inc.
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Technical Specs:

Type     Respirator Cartridge & Filter    
Material     Polystyrene    
Color     Pink    
For Use With     5500 / 7700 Series Half Masks, 5400 / 7600 Series Full Facepieces    
Compliance / Standards     NIOSH 42 CFR Part 84    
Special Features     Easy to Perform User Seal Checks    
Application     Chemical, Government, Manufacturing, Oil and Gas    
Package Quantity     2 per Pack    
Protection Type     Organic Vapors    
Filter Type     P100    
Hazards Type     Airborne Particulates
Confined Space


North Respirator Cartridge P100 75SCP100L Particulate Filter Multi-PurposeHoneywell North 7581P100L Organic Vapor Respirator Cartridges P100 spec sheet

Manufacturer Description:

Cartridges and filters for use with 5500 and 7700 Series half masks, and 5400 and 7600 Series full facepieces. Combination filter cartridges feature a low profile with curved top that will not catch on pipes or other objects. Easy to perform user seal checks, even on the gas and vapor cartridges.

Hant # MFG # UPC
551123 7581P100L