Honeywell North® RU65001 Full Facepiece Silicone Respirator

    The Honeywell North® RU6500 Full Facepiece Silicone Respirator offers maximum protection against various gasses, vapors and smoke. This full facepiece respirator maintains its seal with a high-grade flange and a soft silicone facepiece that is contoured to fit most facial types. A 5-point harness ensures a custom fit every time. This respirator is ideal for government, manufacturing, metal and chemical applications to keep the user safe and uncontaminated. The distortion free lens has an anti-fog and anti-scratch coating for optimum clarity.
  • Latex-free to avoid allergens
  • Full facepiece for maximum protection
  • 5-point harness ensures custom fit
  • Double seal flange protects against gases and vapors
  • NIOSH compliant for peace of mind
  • Anti-fog and anti-scratch lens
  • Distortion-free lens for optimum clarity

Technical Specs:

Type     Full Facepiece    
Material     Silicone    
Color     Dark Blue    
Compliance / Standards     NIOSH    
Special Features     Double-Sealing Flange for Optimum Fit, Simple Disassembly and Reassembly for Ease of Maintenance, Distortion Free Lens with Anti-fog and Anti-scratch Coatings Provides Optical Clarity    
Application     Industrial Application    
Harness Type     5 Point     


Honeywell North® RU65001M Full Facepiece Silicone Respirator spec sheet

Manufacturer Description:

Comfort for your workers - and your budget. The North RU6500 silicone full facepiece provides all day comfort at a great price.

Hant # Size MFG # UPC
24071 Small RU65001S
44331 Medium RU65001M
20236 Large RU65001L

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